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Vegetable Garden

3D Farms | Our Story

Leslie and I started farming together in 2009 when Leslie’s father passed away.  My father-in-law always planted a garden for the family.  We, her siblings, and their spouses took over his cattle operation.  After a few years of raising cattle, I started planting my own small garden.   It was a lot of trial and error.  After a few failed attempts, I started to see results.  Leslie then started encouraging me to keep at it.  She even gave me the notion that we could probably sell our vegetables at a farmer’s market.  In 2016, we decided we were going to give it a go.  We were participating in our first farmers market in Headland, AL.  Thus, 3D Farms was started. 3D farms represent my family.  There are three of us.  The two of us and our daughter Ashley.  

We recognized and accepted that the work would be tough, but we were committed.  We were growing vegetables on two small acres.  Our first year at the market was awesome.  People would come back week after week to get our tomatoes.  The demand for our produce was higher than we could have imagined. Today, we grow a variety of vegetables on twenty acres.  We are participating in four markets and running a full-time operation from our farm.  I tell people I was born to be a farmer ☺.  

We are also adding farm-to-table beef and selling commercial and registered cattle to our portfolio.  Our cattle are grass-fed and grain finished without hormones.  We work hard to take care of our cattle and land.  3D farms feel it is important for people to know where their beef comes from.  We want to be able to share this service with our community and abroad. 

3D Farms is an avenue for us to tell others about Jesus Christ.  We believe in being the Light for others. We are mere stewards over the resources God has given us.  We give God all the honor and glory.

Matthew 5:16 Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works, and glorify your Father which is in heaven

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